The Aurora Commons, located at 8914 Aurora Avenue, is a neighborhood place for hospitality and relationship; a space for holistic renewal through various activities; a bridge to resources (i.e., housing, mental health, addiction, etc.); and a hub for churches, businesses, and neighborhood groups to join together to care to our neighborhood.

The Commons was started by the Awake community in the spring of 2011 after years of working and living with our neighbors who struggle with addiction, house-lessness, mental illness, and sexual exploitation.  It is a hub for much of our life together.  Visit for information, stories, and to find out about open hours and activities so that you can drop in for a visit!

Aurora Commons Hours of Operation

Monday - Wednesday: 10am-1pm

Women's Programming

Women's Drop-in and Dinner: Wednesdays 5pm-9pm

Women's Breakfast: Thursdays 10am-1pm