You forgave us our sins, the ultimate debt

And sacrificed yourself on a cross

So that we may be free

How then do we follow your lead?

This extreme act of love

This unwavering faith

This true understanding of God’s plan for the world


I resent my friends and neighbors

With how they spend their time and money

By how put together their lives seem

With how connected they are

I waver between self-righteousness and guilt

When I believe I spend my time and money better: self-righteousness

When I believe that others are more gracious, kind and giving: guilt


And I feel entitled to make decisions without considering what you would do

What the greater good is

What the community needs

I feel entitled to what I have earned

what I have worked so hard for

But is our world fair or just?

Don’t many work as hard or harder than I and yet suffer?


I am entitled to nothing

It is by grace that I have been set free

And in this freedom that I can let go

Of the resentments that bind me

Of the entitlement that misleads me

I recognize the magnitude of need and give

I see injustice for what it is and denounce the ‘American Dream’


Fluctuating between feeling powerful and powerless

I keep my eyes open, alert, awake

I look for the strand that connects us all

It’s within relationship that we practice forgiveness

It’s within relationship that we practice jubilee

God be with us as we remember how much we need each other

And challenge us to let go and give freely like we have never done before

Joanna den Haan