In the Bible, the mission of God is inextricably linked to God “unburdening” people. We see that in the Old Testament laws concerning the year of Jubilee, wherein one's debts were forgiven every 49 years.  God’s unburdening blessing isn’t limited to, but includes our debt. We as humans walk around, being burdened by that which we owe, and that which is owed us, and it can weigh us down—even cripple us. Student loans, house payments, foreclosure, tax season, Christmas season, credit card debt etc, can bog us down, and as we are bound up by this capitalistic society, we are all the more susceptible to feeling the weight on our shoulders.

If we are a people that aspires to be like God, then I would love for our community to consider accepting a challenge for this Holiday season. What if we payed attention to those around us and chose someone that is experiencing the weight of debt and helped alleviate it?

I’m convinced that there would be a myriad of life-giving stories that would result if we were to accept this challenge. And we need stories. We need reminders that in reality, God is a God that forgives debt. God is a God that enters our stories and removes burdens. And we have the Spirit of God in us, so let’s let God do what God does through us this week.  

This can look like a number of things (creativity is encouraged also).


Money: money causes stress, and some of us have more than others. For some, the paying off of a debt could be little skin off our back, but could change the life of another.  Maybe it’s money for a meal, gas, a car payment, a student loan payment, a doctors appointment, a therapy session, or Christmas gifts for ones family, etc.  


Peter Mansen