aurora commons

The Aurora Commons is a “neighborhood living room” where we share in the gift of hospitality and relationships. It is a space for holistic renewal, relationship formation, and bridging to resources (housing, harm reduction services, mental health and addiction treatment, etc.).  It is also a hub for churches, businesses, and neighborhood groups to join together in caring for the neighborhood.

The Commons was created by the Awake community in the spring of 2011 as an expression of our hope and our desire for deeper relationships with neighbors who experience the inhibitions and complications of drug-dependance, sexual violence, social alienation and homelessness.  The reach has grown in scope enough that in 2015 The Commons began operating under an independent non-profit status and now partners with numerous organizations and institutions.  It continues, however, to be a hub for much of our life together, and members of the Awake community are frequent volunteers and supporters of the work, which we regard an an integral expression of our faith. 

Visit for stories, inspiration and information.  Or, better, stop in for a visit during open hours. 

Monday - Wednesday 10am - 1pm

Monday Evening (men only) 6pm-9pm

Wednesday Evening (women only) 5pm - 9pm

Thursday (women only) 10am - 1pm