awake's staff...

Andy Carlson, pastor

Andy was reared in rural Minnesota and moved to Seattle in 2007 to earn an MDiv degree at Seattle School of Theology and Psychology.  He has been serving with Awake and Aurora Commons since 2009 - teaching, pastoring, dissenting and building things. Andy is married to Lisa and father to Cedar and Kipling.  He also works part time as a sawyer and woodworker for a local furniture company, and he spends free time galavanting in the mountains.

Hayden wartes, community life pastor

Hayden is a native of Indiana.  She moved to Seattle in 2004 on a dream and a prayer to co-found the Green Bean Coffeehouse in Greenwood, Seattle. Hayden has a masters degree in Theology and Culture from Seattle School of Theology and Psychology.  She is married to Zadok and mother to Loyalty, Jai and Reza.  Hayden also teaches yoga, is on staff for Aurora Commons and is learning to find the Spirit in the dirt and weeds of her long forgotten yard at her new (very old) home.   425.903.2004

Milli haase, children's pastor

Milli grew up in Hawai’i before moving to Seattle in 2004 to pursue both her B.A and M.A in Comparative Religion at the University of Washington, where she studied and researched the intersection between western religious traditions and modern cultures. It was during her time at UW that Milli fell in love with teaching, having taught undergraduate courses in religion, and has since gone on to teach writing for high school students, writing for middle school students, youth groups, and arts and crafts for elementary school aged children. Milli is currently working on her Masters of Divinity degree at The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology, and plans to continue leading kids of all ages in meaningful conversations about religion, inviting kids to explore, wrestle with, and grow in their own relationships with God. When Milli is not at school or at church, she can be found in a yoga studio, spending time with her husband, Brad, and puppy, Bailey, or preparing for mommy-hood coming to her this spring!


awake's leadership board...

Peter Mansen - board president

Andy Carlson - board vp

Alyssa Hahn - board secretary

Megan Williams - board treasurer

Nicole Baker - board member

Marge Long - board member

Casey Wong - board member


contact information...

snail mail - 927 N 89th St - Seattle, WA - 98103

e mail -

voice mail - 206.455.5470

(note that our gathering space is different from our mailing address)